NArFU Higher Schools, Colleges 
and Branches

The university has developed a programme of transfer to the level system of higher professional education.
Baseline education programmes are being drawn up by the Institute of Oil and Gas for "Oil and Gas Geology" specialty. The new specialty aims at prepare younger specialists for working in the European North of Russia and the Arctic region

To enhance efficiency in applying foreign expertise in education systems management, the university is regularly holding seminars dedicated to the Bologna process. Their participants are analyzing the status and the progress of Bologna Charter implementation. Experts are currently developing a unified "basic competences" standard to ensure graduates are competent enough in today’s economic environment.

It has become a good tradition for foreign professors to regularly visit NArFU. Students have the opportunity to attend the lectures delivered by distinguished professors from all over the world. Public lectures are delivered not only by scientists, but also by public and iconic figures important for Russia and the Arctic region, such as Barents Region’s education theorist Thorvald Stoltenberg, ex-minister of finance Alexey Kudrin, academician Zhores Alferov, film director Stanislav Govorukhin and many others.

One of NArFU’s strategic priorities is “Lifelong Education” program. It is designed to ensure that educational services are available to all people regardless of their age, walk of life or professional interests.

NArFU operates a digital reading hall with access to Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. Readers are now able to make use of the materials sourced from various parts of Russia.

NArFU incorporates 7 Higher Schools, 2 colleges and 2 branches each having its long-standing traditions and specializing in many research areas including interdisciplinary ones:


  • Higher School of Social Sciences, Humanities and International Communication

  • Higher School of Natural Sciences and Technologies

  • Higher School of Information Technologies and Automated Systems

  • Higher School of Economics, Management and Law

  • Higher School of Engineering

  • Higher School of Power Engineering, Oil and Gas

  • Higher School of Psychology and Pedagogical Education

  • Institute of Shipbuilding and Arctic Marine Engineering (Severodvinsk)


ltk.png Technological College of Emperor Peter I Technical College (branch in Severodvinsk)


Koryazhma Branch stk.png Severodvinsk branch